Individual Therapy

Feeling undervalued? Like you don’t belong? Feeling disempowered and disillusioned? Struggling with imposter Syndrome? Anti-blackness in your work environment making it hard to adjust and fully see yourself? Racism in general got you feeling down?

$85-$225 (accepts insurance)

Couples Therapy

I use a holistic therapeutic approach to break intergenerational cycles of harm within the BIPOC community. Many of the presenting concerns within the BIPOC community are a direct reflection of oppressive and restrictive systems. Because each of us experience multiple forms of harm from the external world, we must learn to shape our internal world.

$85-$225 (accepts insurance)

Spiritual Services

Intuitive Tarot Reading

I channel messages and interpretations from our honorable ancestors and Spirit through the use of tarot. I am looking forward to working with you on this. It is interactive, so please have a notebook and pen ready.


Birth Chart Reading

This offering requires me to read your chart. Please schedule your reading at least three days from when you are booking. The Birth Chart Reading is an overview of your influential signs, planet placements, and aspects. You will also receive a written document of my interpretations of your chart, including the birth chart wheel! I am looking forward to working with you on this. It is interactive and can last up to an hour.