About Amber

The political is personal. And the personal is political.

As a Black Queer Woman Therapist, my work is not limited to interpersonal healing. It is to actively work to change a system that causes harm to many communities of color, particularly Black communities. 

The root of my work is to activate and awaken clients to their higher selves, to remind them of their power, of their joy, of their ability to self heal while in a system that is in direct opposition to life.

With Amber, you’ll break intergenerational trauma, through spiritual and mental health healing. We know trauma is a direct reflection of oppressive and restrictive systems that enable racism, classism, homophobia, ableism, and sexism. We cannot heal ourselves without healing our systems. 

When we are well, we can make our systems well too. 

With Amber uses their expertise in both tarot and mental health wellness to help individuals break toxic patterns so they can align with their higher self.


Self Empowerment

We believe in you. When you are whole, we are all whole.

Community Care

When we hold each other accountable, we create a safer, more vulnerable world.

Joy is Radical

We believe joy is radical in the face of oppression. There is power in rest, in joy, in honoring your needs.

Political is personal

We believe in offering a holistic approach to address cycles of harm. We understand that oppression impacts mental wellness.

Pregnacy Loss Book

I wrote this book because I experienced a pregnancy loss in 2020. This book helped me and I hope it helps you. It outlines my journey with pregnancy loss and my road to wellness. Through my writing, my intention is to teach and share with others how I coped in hopes that you glean something from it.