Black is Beautiful AF


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Description: With Amber candles are small batch, hand poured, and most importantly, Black AF. This is a limited edition candle collection to remind us that Black people are ineffable.

This particular batch is hand blended soy wax and coconut oil. Heal through your senses with these candles. Our healing journey is heightened when we use our senses. There are 3 scents available.

Instructions: Light Black is Beautiful AF for two to three hours to increase relaxation and calmness. Play “I’m Black and I’m Proud” by James Brown when you light me.

Size: 15 oz

Ingredients: Hand blended Soy wax and Coconut Oil with two cotton wicks in Black Matte 15 oz jar. Hand selected essential oils: Jasmine, Rose, and Blood Orange Essential Oil. Most in important, love.

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