Room + Body Sprays


Description: With Amber products are small batch and made with all natural ingredients. I carefully hand pick each ingredient ensuring it is organic and environmentally friendly. These room and spray bottles are a good alternative to candles for folx who cannot have an open flame in their home.

Instructions: You can use this spray at any time on fabrics, clothes, furniture, etc. Just shake and spray!

Size: 3.5 oz


  • Sage Spray – Distilled water, rose water, clary sage, citrus, + sandalwood essential Oil.
  • Peppermint Spray – Distilled water, rose water, peppermint, rosemary, + lavender essential Oils.
  • Palo Santo – Distilled water, rose water, palo santo + sandalwood essential oils.
  • Vanilla Room Spray – Distilled water, rose water, vanilla + bergamot essential oils.
  • Citronella Bug Repellent – Distilled water.


Room sprays are good for folx who are not able to burn candles.

  • Use any time.
  • Shake and spray for a quick pick me up.
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